LB001 Kenny Rogers demos
  LB 002 Heartbreaker Demos
LB003 In The Studio "Unplugged 1981-1993"
LB004  Spirits Having Flown Demos
LB005  The Kid's No Good, Barry Gibb, 1970
LB006  Sing Slowly Sisters, Robin Gibb, 1970
LB007  The Loner, Maurice Gibb, 1970
LB008  Instrumental And Other Rarites
LB009  First Album Demos 1967
LB010  Ultimate Disco Collection

Bee Gees: Kenny Rogers Demos

The songs on this album are demos made for the Kenny Rogers album "Eyes That See In The Dark" from 1983. The songs are mostly done by Barry but Robin and Maurice are heard on a few of them. 5 songs at the end of the CD are refered to as "The missing Hawks-tracks" which implies they were recorded by Barry between 1986 and 1988 and left-overs from his 1988 album "Hawks". These demos are really good! I have another CD of these Kenny Rogers demos, following more the original album song sort order,

1. Eyes that see in the dark
2. You and I
3. This woman
4. Midsummer nights
5. Buried treasure
6. Living with you
7. Hold me
8. Islands in the stream
9. Evening star
10. I will always love you
11. In search of love
12. The savage is loose
13. Words of a fool
14. Distant strangers
15. Change


Bee Gees: Heartbreaker Demos

The songs on this album are demos made mostly by Barry in 1982. They are, as the album title implies, demo recordings for the Dionne Warwick "Heartbreaker" album from 1982 (song 1 to 9). Songs 10 to 14 are other demos which for some reasons never ended up on any album. I especially like "Heat of the night" which were intended to be on the "Living Eyes" album in 1981 but never made it. "Saying goodbye" is another good song which could have been on any album, it was written for Kenny Rogers but never used. I really like it!

1. You are my love
2. Yours
3. All the love in the world
4. Misunderstood
5. It makes no difference
6. I can't see anything but you
7. Just one more night
8. Take the short way home
9. Heartbreaker
10. Heart (Stop beating in time) (1981)
11. Broken bottles (1982)
12. Heat of the night (Remains from "Living Eyes" sessions in 1981)
13. Oceans and river (1982)
14. Saying goodbye (1983)
15. Heartbreaker (Live in Melbourne 1989 "One For All Tour")
16. Islands in the stream (Live in Melbourne 1989 "One For All Tour")

Bee Gees: In The Studio
The unplugged sessions 1981-1993

This bootleg consists of 28 tracks from 1981 to 1993.
The first 18 tracks, about 50 minutes, are from a radio program in 1981 with interviewer Roger Scott, directly after the release of "Living Eyes". It includes interviews, live singing in the studio and some songs from the album.
Tracks 19-22 are from MTV Most Wanted in 1993.
Track 23 is from a TV performance in Sweden 1993 (not Norway as said in the booklet, I have it on video)
Tracks 24-26 are from Cilla Black Show in 1993.
Track 27 is from a commercial.
Track 28 is from the Melbourne concert 1989.

1. Interview: "Welcome home in England"
2. Wildflower (Album)
3. Interview: "...genetic sound..?"
4. Soldiers (Album)
5. Interview: "Bee Gees as producers"
6. I still love you (Album)
7. Interview: "Intro unplugged"
8. Massachussets (Live)
9. Words (Live)
10. I've gotta get a message to you (Live)
11. Jive talkin' (Live)
12. Interview: "Last visit to the UK...1973 ?"
13. How can you mend a broken heart (Live)
14. New York mining disaster 1941 (Live)
15. Three kisses of love (Live)
16. Paradise (Live)
17. Stayin' alive (Live)
18. Interview: "...Sgt.Pepper..!"
19. Blue island
20. To love somebody
21. New York mining disaster
22. I've gotta get a message to you
23. To love somebody
24. Too much heaven
25. Jive talkin'
26. I've gotta get a message to you
27. To loose your penis (To love somebody)
28. World

Bee Gees: Spirits Having Flown Demos

The songs on this bootleg are demo versions of the "Spirits Having Flown"-album except for "Until". I really like them and some of them (sadly enough) sounds nearly as the finished song. The vocals are, of course, not perfect on some of them, but "Too much heaven" sounds almost like the record. One interesting song is "I'm satisfied" which has a touch in the vocals in the chorus which is not there on the finished recording, a more raw falsetto which I like a lot.

The unreleased song "In the heat of the night" from the "Living Eyes" recording sessions is a very special song, I really like it. Acording to Joe Brennans Bee Gees history lessons, this song was lifted from the album and replaced by "Nothing could be good". I think they could have included both!

Another interesting track is the 19 minutes long recording session of "How deep is your love". They are in the studio creating the song, trying different sounds and lyrics. I suppose this was used as evidence in the court when they were accused of stealing the song. (Which they were not guilty of, by the way...)

The last song "Save your heart for me" is recorded in the studio but is not their own song. The song was written by Geld/Udell.

1. Commercial (for the release of "Spirits...")
2. Instrumental outtake (unfinished/unreleased instrumental rythm track)
3. Too much heaven
4. Reachin' out
5. Stop (think again)
6. Search, find
7. Love you inside out
8. I'm satisfied
9. Tragedy
10. Living together
11. Spirits (having flown)
12. In the heat of the night (unreleased from "Living Eyes" recording session, 1981)
13. How deep is your love (recording session)
14. Save your heart for me (in the studio)

Barry Gibb: The Kid's No Good

This bootleg consists of 19 tracks recorded in 1970 (Jan-Aug). The tracks comes from demo recordings and were supposed to be turned into a solo album but it was never released. Some tracks comes from Fan Club recordings and a radio or TV show. Two of the tracks appeared on a single in 1970, "I'll kiss your memory" and "This time". Some of these tracks were recorded and released by other artists when the album was cancelled.

1. Mando bay
2. One bad thing
3. The day your eyes meet mine (fast version)
4. Happiness
5. Peace in my mind
6. Clyde O'Riley
7. I just wanna take care of you / It's over
8. I'll kiss your memory
9. The victim
10. This time
11. What's it all about
12. Born
13. The day's your eyes meet mine (slow version)
14. Moonlight
15. King Cathy
16. I can bring love
17. Summer ends
18. I'll kiss your memory (mono version)
19. This time (mono version)

Robin Gibb: Sing Slowly Sisters

This bootleg is an unreleased Robin Gibb solo album from 1970. The style of the songs reminds, not surprisingly, a lot of the previous album "Robin's Reign". I do however think that these songs are too slow and too "gloomy".

1. Sing slowly sisters
2. Life
3. CÚst la vie, au revoir
4. Everything is how you see me
5. I've been hurt
6. Iron in the fire
7. Cold be my days
8. Avalanche
9. The flag that I flew
10. Return to Austria
11. Make believe
12. All's well, that ends well
13. A very special day
14. Sky west and crooked
15. Engines, aeroplanes
16. Great Ceasars ghost
17. Janice
18. You're going away
19. One million years (Mono version, from "Robin's Reign")
20. Weekend (Mono version, from "Robin's Reign")

Maurice Gibb: The Loner

This bootleg consists of songs either written by Maurice and/or performed by him. Some songs are unreleased songs from 1970, some are from various soundtracks and some are from the musical "Sing A Rude Song" which he appeared in back in 1970. The song from his 1984 single "Hold her in your hand" is also on this.

1. Journey to the Misty Mountains (intrumental, 1970)
2. The Loner (Acetate version, 1970)
3. Please lock me away (1970)
4. I've come back (released as a single, 1970)
5. Soldier Johnny (1970)
6. She's the one you love (1970)
7. Improvisation on piano (instrumental, 1970)
8. Railroad (released as a single, 1970)
9. Railroad (acetate version, 1970)
10. Laughin' child (1970)
11. Something's blowing (1970)
12. Silly little girl (1970)
13. Insight (1970)
14. Danny (1971)
15. Till I try (1971)
16. Hold her in your hand (released as a single, 1984)
17. Hold her in your hand (instrumental, released as a single, 1984)
18. Modulating Maurice (With Ringo Starr, 1969)
19. Goin home (1971)
20. Whoops cookie (From the musical "Sing A Rude Song", 1970)
21. Leave me here to linger with the ladies (From the musical "Sing A Rude Song, 1970)
22. Song for Lulu (1971) (This is probably not Maurice at all)
23. Have you heard the word ? (Maurice with Lennon, McCartney and Tin Tin, 1969)
24. Everybody gotta clap (Lulu, Billy Lawrie and Maurice)
25. Bloomfields "The Loner" (Soundtrack of "The Bloomfields", 1970)

Bee Gees: Instrumental And Other Rarities

This bootleg consists of instrumental versions of songs, except from the two medley's at the end of the record.

1. Jumbo (1968)
2. With all nations (international item, 1969. From the Odessa album)
3. Gena's theme (1968)
4. It's just the way (1971)
5. This time (1970)
6. Mike and the mountain (From the movie "A breed apart", 1981. Maurice Gibb)
7. Intruders (From the movie "A breed apart, 1981. Maurice Gibb)
8. Untitled (1981)
9. Theme from "Now Voyager" (From the "Now Voyager" movie 1984. Barry Gibb)
10. Square cup (Max Greger Orchestra, 1968)
11. He's a liar (1981)
12. Fight (No matter how long) (Bunburys 1988)
13. I love you too much (David Sunborn on saxophone, 1983)
14. Grease (Gary Brown on saxophone, 1978)
15. Hold on to my love (Jimmy Ruffin, 1980)
16. Chain reaction (1985)
17. Hold her in your hand (From the movie "A breed apart", 1984. Maurice Gibb)
18. Modulating Maurice (With Ringo Starr, 1969)
19. Medley: Stayin' alive - More than a woman - Jive talkin' - Night fever - Tragedy - You should be dancing
20. Medley: Jive talkin' - Stayin' alive

Bee Gees: First Album Demos

firstdemos.jpg (3312 bytes)

The CD consists of some demos, alternate takes and acetates of songs from the Bee Gees first album from 1967. Some of the demos did not end up on the album and exists only as unreleased demos. After the first 15 tracks comes some Bee Gees versions of Beatles songs from different years.

1. Turn of the century (take 1 - formerly unknown)
2. Turn of the century (take 2 - louder orchestra, less backing vocals)
3. Turn of the century (take 3 - more bass and violins)
4. Turn of the century (take 4 - no effects, louder drums)
5. Mr Wallers wailing wall (unreleased outtake)
6. One minute woman (vocals by Robin instead of Barry)
7. Cucumber castle (different mix, louder orchestra)
8. Red chair fade away (different mix, without mellotron)
9. I close my eyes (different mix, with louder trumpet)
10. Holiday (more backing vocals)
11. Mrs. Gillespies refrigerator (unreleased outtake)
12. Deeply, deeply me (unreleased outtake)
13. In my own time (acetate, March 1967)
14. New York mining disaster 1941 (acetate, March 1967)
15. Cucumber castle (acetate, March 1967)
16. Interview (Scott Murdi discusses Bee Gees Sgt.Pepper movie 1978)
17. Ticket to ride
18. You won't see me
19. Paperback writer
20. Beatles medley (from the Midnight Special August 10th 1973): If I fell / I need you / I'll be back /This boy / She loves you / Nowhere man (extended version)
21. From "All This And World War II": Golden slumbers / Carry that weight / She came in from the bathroom window / Sun king

Bee Gees: Ultimate Disco Collection

disco.jpg (3074 bytes)

The CD consists of mixes and extended versions of some of the Bee Gees more danceable songs.

1. Megamix 1993
2. Hidden mix 1993
3. When he's gone (radio mix)
4. Fallen angel (remix)
5. Paying the price of love (Jelly Bean mix #1)
6. Decadance (Deep dub mix, Femi Jiya)
7. Paying the price of dub
8. Stayin' alive (extended disco version)
9. Night fever (extended disco version)
10. More than a woman (extended disco version)
11. You should be dancing (extended disco version, from promo)
12. Wouldn't I be someone (long version)
13. Dream mix (Songs from Grease, the movie)