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No cover scan yet Bee Gees on Centerstage 1993 .mpg format
poor picture quality

Bee Gees
Live in
Melbourne 74
01. Intro
02. Spicks & Specks
03. Road To Alaska
04. Mr. Natural
05. And The Sun Will Shine (Almost no pics)
06. I Can't See Nobody (Almost no pics)
07. Run To Me (Almost no pics)
08. Lay It On Me
09. In The Morning
10. Alexander's Ragtime Band
11. To Love Somebody
12. How Can You A Your Broken Heart
13. Words
14. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
15. Massachusetts
16. Lonely Days
Poor Quality Video CD

Bee Gees
Centerstage 93 VCD
1. Tragedy
2. Lonely Days
3. Words
4. For Whom The Bell Tolls
5. NY Mining Disaster 1941
6. Blue Island
7. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
8. Paying The Price Of Love
9. How Deep Is Your Love
10. Stayin' Alive
11. Jive Talkin' / You Should Be Dancing

Bonus Videos:
The singer sang his song
Will you still love me tomorrow
.mpg format VCD

Olivia Newton John Show Video CD
  • Grow Young
  • The days of the old school yeard (with Andy Gibb and ABBA)
  • If you love me let me know (with Andy Gibb and ABBA)
  • Have you never been mellow
  • Please mister Please
  • Hopelessly devoted to you
  • If you love me let me know (reprise with Andy Gibb and ABBA)
  • I'ts a game(of life)
  • Love everybody in my heart(with James Cleveland and the Southern California choir)
  • Barbara Ann (with Andy Gibb and ABBA)
  • Jailhouse Rock (with Andy Gibb and ABBA)
  • Holiday (with Andy Gibb and ABBA)
  • What'll I do
  • Just the way you are
  • Who are you now ?
  • Thank you for the music (with Andy Gibb and ABBA)
Olivia - Andy GIbb - ABBA


Bee Gees Live at the Festival Hall, Melbourne 1971
1-01. New York Mining Disaster
1-02. To Love Somebody
1-03. Presentation Of The Band
1-04. Really And Sincerely
1-05. Every Second, Every Minute
1-06. Lay It On Me
1-07. Jingle Jangle - In The Morning
1-08. Holiday
1-09. I Can't See Nobody
1-10. Words
1-11. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
1-12. I Started A Joke
1-13. I've Gotta Get A Message To You
1-14. Massachusetts
1-15. Lonely Days
2-01. Receiving Gold record at Festival records
2-02. Spicks & Specks Live at Festival Hall
3-01. Run to me (ori video)
4-01. How deep is your love (ori video)
5-01. Jive Talkin' (ori video)
5-02. Andy Gibb - Words and Music (Live)
6-01. Maurice Gibb - Railroad (ori video)
Video CD
poor picture - great sound

A Tribute to a brother
1. Jive Talkin
2. Sacred trust
3. Massachusetts
4. Man in the middle
5. I started a joke
6. She keep on comming
7. Wedding day
8. This is where I came in
9. You win again
10.To love somebody
VIDEO CD with what is considered the last Bee Gees concert in the UK

Bee Gees 1968
Idea TV special
  2 VCDs

Spirits Tour
1. BGs, Glen Campbell, & Willie Nelson Medley - TV Special
2. Tragedy with David Frost - TV Special
3. How Deep Is Your Love
4. I Started A Joke
5. Jive Talkin'
6. Wind Of Change
7. Words
8. Night Fever
9. Nights On Broadway
10. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
11. Stayin' Alive
12. You Should Be Dancing with Andy
Video CD

Cucumber Castle
TV Special
.mpg VIDEO CD (poor picture quality,
but fun to watch)

An Audience with the Bee Gees

1. You should be dancing-Alone-Massachusetts
2. Night Fever-More than a Woman
3. Islands in the stream-Our love
4. Heartbreaker-Guilty-Chain Reaction
5. You Win Again-How can you mend a broken Heart

1. Ellan Vannin-Words with Boyzone
2. I started a Joke-How deep is your love
3. Immortality with Celine Dion
4. Jive Talkin'-Stayin' Alive

5. Robin Gibb - In the bleak mid winter


 2CD Video CD
(mpg format)

Bee Gees hosts the Midnight Special

1. I've gotta get a message to you
2. Hey Jude Jam (Wilson Pickett)
3. Run To Me
4. Alexander's Ragtime Band
5. To Love Somebody
6. Money (Jerry Lee Lewis)
7. Saw a New Morning
9. Nights on Broadway
(mpg format)
melody video CD-a.jpg (24719 bytes)
Melody the movie
The movie Melody
(also known as S.W.A.L.K.)
(Sealed With A Loving Kiss)
a 2CD video CD,
ee more at:

Andybehind.jpg (15072 bytes)

behind-c.jpg (16073 byte)
Andy Gibb
Behind the music
An one hour portrait video of Andy's life.
Many never seen video clips of both Andy and The Bee Gees.
karaoke1.jpg (34733 bytes)
Karaoke Vol.1
1. To love somebody
2. I started a joke
3. Don't forget to remember
4. Stain' alive
5. Holiday
6. Words
7. Melody Fair
8. World
9. One
10.In the morning
11.My World
12.You win again
14.You should be dancing
Karaoke VIDEO CD

Excellent background videos

karaoke2.jpg (37092 bytes)
Karaoke Vol.2
1. How deep is your love
2. Too much heaven
3. How can you mend a broken heart
4. First of May
5. Massachusetts
6. Night fever
7. Run to me
8. I've gotta get a message to you
9. New York mining disaster 1941
10.Lonely days
11.I can't see nobody
12.Nights on Broadway
13.Jive talkin'
Karaoke VIDEO CD

Excellent background videos

karaoke3.jpg (32582 bytes)
Karaoke Vol.3
1. Alone
2. Still waters run deep
3. Fanny (be tender with my love)
4. How deep is your love
5. And the sun will shine
6. Tokyo nights
7. Wind of change
8. To love somebody
9. Love so right
11.Love you inside out
12.First of May
13.Wouldn't I be someone
Karaoke VIDEO CD

Excellent background videos

karaoke4.jpg (34829 bytes)
Karaoke Vol.4
1. I could not love you more
2. Don't wanna live inside myself
3. House of shame
4. If I can't have you
5. Stayin' alive
6. I.O. I.O.
7. I started a joke
8. More than a woman
9. How can you mend a broken heart
10.Mr. Natural
11.Ordinary lives
12.Rest your love
13.It's my neighborhood
14.In the morning
Karaoke VIDEO CD

Excellent background videos